Wenkai Han
Wenkai Han
Exploring souls in machines

UX Researcher and Data Analyst



UX Design


Job Application System Prototype in Uppsala

We Designed a job application system for student nations in Uppsala University based on User-Centered System Design principles. Interviews with Contextual Inquiries are conducted, and we came up with flow, sequence and artifact models to describe the working situation. Curator at Gotlands Nation highly praised this prototype, and plans to implement this design.

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Social Robot in Educational Context

With a Feedback-based Iterative Design Model, we designed a prototype for social robot that helps student to focus in class and review the parts they missed afterwards. The report on this design has been recommended by the teacher to be adapted and submitted to International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction 2018. 

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Interaction Design for Smart Home System

With study and evaluation on the choice of alarming color and suitable interaction patterns, we designed an new interaction model for smart home hub system. We followed a “Define-Collect-Brainstorm-Develop-Feedback-Improve” interative design process. We also did an A-B test on two different versions and found that yellow actually works better as alarming color in such system.

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Responsive Pub Interaction Design

With the help of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, we designed a state-of-the-art pub website that implements Responsive Design, Multi-language, and Redo-Undo. The website also have a updating system with different color to notify the users the stock status of each kind of drink! You'll never get an empty bottle!


AI YOU Design Project


As the team leader, we ranked Top 15 in National Mobile Application Design Contest for Youth by designing an application that helps people organize their lives and make new friends based on their previous behaviors online. 


Usability Testing and Study


Text Settings on Microsoft HoloLens

Call it Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality, Microsoft HoloLens has been one of the most exciting digital devices from recent years. We're doing evaluation on the effect of text color and background contrast for readability for users in HoloLens, and plan to design an adaptive text displaying system based on this project. Errors, time and subjective ratings were used in this study. We also compared our results with similar studies in printing, LCD and CRT screens.


Color Red in Different Cultural Backgrounds

This research uses interviews as the main method to discuss people's general perception and feelings towards red and its implications in different culture and design contexts. We also we discussed the implications on user experience and the connections of our study with existing studies.


Usability Testing on Reference Managers

We tested the basic functions using task time and number of clicks on the reference managing systems: Zotero and Mendeley.  We used statistical significance to test if there's any difference between the usability of the two software. Heuristics of library web services and heuristics of web-based collaboration support systems were also used in the evaluation process.


Mathematical Modelling


In Mathematical Modelling, I became familiar with basic knowledge in Computer Vision like the binarization and outlining of images, Intelligent Algorithms like ant Colony Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm, and statistical tools like Least Squares Fitting and Analytic Hierarchy Process. While in my three years of hard work, I not only obtain the National First Prize (Top 1% of the participants) and International Honorable Mention, but also grow my interest and ability in problem solving and solution developing.


Social Activities and Equality


Think · Eat · Save Campaign  

With the slogan: "Low Carbon, Less Waste, and Light Lifestyle. Let's do it!" The project focused on food waste research as well as awareness raising campaign and activities. The project got Honorable Mention (Worldwide Top 10) by the United Nations Environment Programme. 

Lecture on Sexuality and Equality

Because of my study on sexuality in China and a video project in LGBTQ and gender diversity and equality, I became national liberal arts lecturer in New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc.

Arts & More

I am actively involved in all kinds of arts, especially music, and bring my voice with me wherever I go. I had dozens of performance experiences and have been on stage in front of more than a thousand of audiences for several times.



Videos of Previous Work


StuArt: A Social Robot Project

Design Critique for a Stove & Oven


Think Eat Save challenge video that won Top 10 from United Nations 

The Animated Promotion Video for AI YOU

Lecture on Sexuality, Gender Diversity and Equality

React Video that gathered tens of thousands views on Chinese website



Wenkai Han

Ph.D. in Visual Analytics at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University

Master of Social Sciences in Human-Computer Interaction at the Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University

Previous Research Assistant at the Department of Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University





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