UX Researcher in Data Visualization

Ph.D. in Computer Science at Aarhus University

UX Design Data Analysis Research

I’ve been studying and working in HCI for more than 2 years with a wide range of experiences – no matter it’s quantitative or qualitative, lab or contextual, evaluation or design. With more than ten project-based courses in this field, I’m able to lead comprehensive user research projects considering the time, accuracy as well as the budgets.

For data analysis, I’m experienced in Excel and SPSS, and doing Data Visualization focusing on Tableau, R and D3.js. I also won several national and international awards in Mathematical Modelling - in which I processed datasets using different statistical tools and presented them in an intelligible way.

Combined with my bachelor background in both Computer Science and Psychology, this interdisciplinary perspective has offered me valuable understanding in both technology an design. It not only provided me with practical programming skills like Markup languages (HTML, XML and MarkDown), CSS, JavaScript, C, JAVA and so on, but also trained me well in both design thinking like user-centered design and practical prototyping tools like Adobe XD, Visio and SketchBook.